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Odesa People’s Church is a Christ Gospel Church.
Our aim is to help everyone meet Jesus
and get to know God as well as to accept His love,
believe in His forgiveness and turn away from sins
in order to live a holy life glorifying our Savior and the Lord.

The five fundamentals of our theology

are proclaimed in common Latin phrases: Sola Scriptura («by Scripture alone»), Sola fide («only by faith»), Sola gratia («by grace alone»), Solus Christus («through Christ alone»), Soli Deo gloria («glory to God alone»).
These five solae are the foundational set of principles, which include the justification by faith, the universal priesthood, Scripture as primary authority (the Bible is «first» or «above all» other sources of divine revelation), the sinful nature of human beings – the state of sin in which humanity has existed since “the fall of man” and the fact, that God’s grace gives people the opportunity for salvation.

Five basics of our theology

are expressed in Latin in the form of the following words:
Sola Scriptura (« by Scripture alone»), Sola fide («by Faith alone »),
Sola gratia («by Grace alone»), Solus Christus («through Christ alone»),
Soli Deo gloria («glory to God alone»)
and include such notions as necessity to receive the forgiveness of sins by faith,
priesthood of all believers, Bible is the sole source of written divine revelation,
human natural sinfulness, salvation only possible by the grace of God.
We believe, that church must be open,
comprehensible and needed in our city and country.
The church is the one whose calling is first
and foremost to do good, to express love
and to show compassion in the community.

Service time

During the quarantine period, all services are held online.
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18:00 - 19:30

Bible study



18:00 - 19:30

Praying service


17:00 - 19:00

Youth movement.
Young people meet for communication and serving God.



10:00 - 12:00

Sunday service

Our ministers

Denis Serdichenko
Denis SerdichenkoThe bishop of Odesa People’s Church, President of "Good Samaritan" charitable foundation


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Our address

Odesa People’s church can be found at the following address: 3 Georgi Gamow Square, Odesa